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Life without Deity

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Surprise Fundy Sermon [Dec. 11th, 2008|11:11 am]
Life without Deity


One of the women in my class last night was nice enough to give everyone a christmas card, but she couldn't help including a flyer to her church meeting and a quick sermonising to everyone. She said to me "I know your an athie thingy, but do you mind if I give you an invite too?" I kindly declined her offer. She sighed "I suppose you've read The God Delusion, but have you read 'The Dawkins Delusion'?  She was very surprised that I had bought and read both books.  Surprise, surprise and like other Christians I know, she had bought the Alisters book, but not Dawkins. I told her that i thought the Dawkins Delusion missed the point of God Delusion by too wide a mark for it to be a valuable critique. She asked me why I was an athiest, and what was my religious family background. to which I responded that I  my parents are Sikh, but me and my wife do not follow any religion at all. I told her that I owned a copy of The Bible and the Guru Granth Sahib, and I had read aspects of the Koran and the Vedas and they all made very nice Fairy Tales, but non of them experessed any knowledge that could only have come from a divine source. She huffed a little and turned away.

I wonder how she would have responded had taken a proactive role in sharing by disbelief first....